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One (1) “2003” Iowa Precision

Pro-Duct Line “Plus”



60” x 16 ga., 480/3 phase                














    - 4 Grid Feed Style Uncoilers low profile with individual hydraulic drive. 



      12,000 lb. capacity.  Includes hydraulic hold down roll.





    - 4 Station Coil Select Station which enables each coil to be selectively fed into the entrance table.





    - Pro-Duct Model PD-60-16-SF.  CNC Controlled Straightner Notcher (slip & drive/T.D.C.),



      Beader, Shear/Brake Combo. Can shear up to 16 ga., break right angle flange for Pittsburgh ,



       right angle flange with buttons for Snaplock, and brake “L” section Ductwork.





    - Pro-Duct Cleat Roller Model PD-CR5C.  Contained within the frame of the Pro-Duct for



       rollform the 180 degree legs for drive cleats.





Price $ 155,000.00





                                                           Compare New at $ 230,000.00



Delivery:   Immediate  (subject to prior sale)



Terms:     10% Down, Balance Due In Full Prior To Ship







Note: Prices quoted do not include freight or applicable sales tax.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Quoted machines may not meet all specific federal/state or local codes.  Any changes resulting from special construction, electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic compliance, at the time or point of installation, will be the responsibility of the customer.







(Low Profile – Hydraulic Drive)










Coil width:                                           60”



Minimum Coil Width:                          12”



Coil weight:                                          12,000 lbs.



Maximum material thickness:               16 ga.



Number of units:                                  3



Number of stations:                              4





Coil I.D.:                                              20”



Coil O.D.:                                             42”



Drive type:                                           Gear driven hydraulic motor





Speed Range :                                        0 to 75 fpm



Hydraulics’:                                          6 gpm @ 1000 psi





General description:



The Drop-In Uncoiler is hydraulically powered and gear driven.  The coil is mounted on two drum collars, one being adjustable for various coil widths.  A continuous loop is maintained under the coil by means of a grounding bar, mounted in the lower frame.  As the material is being pulled from the loop, it comes off the grounding bar. The hydraulic drive is turned on until the material fills the loop and rests on the grounding bar, turning off the hydraulic drive.  A hydraulic proportional valve provides a soft smooth start and stop operation of the coil.





A hydraulic drive motor is provided for each coil station to eliminate the need to change motor position when switching coil runs.





The Uncoiler is hydraulically powered, by the Pro-Duct or Duct-o-matic power unit.  If not ordered with a Pro-Duct or Duct-o-matic, a hydraulic power unit is required.  Check with Iowa Precision for power unit pricing.





When multiple 2 coil Drop-In Units are installed, a selector switch is used to activate the desired Uncoiler.  Tandem units feed the material from the bottom side of the coil. Linear Support Rails (2) with a series of skate rollers are provided for feeding the material from coil stations to coil station. Addition Linear Support Rails creating a Grid Feed System, separating the material vertically is available as it’s being used. With the Grid Feed System, it is unnecessary to back up a coil in order to run another coil station. (Extra cost option)





A Hold Down Roll is mounted to the frame of the Uncoiler.  The arm is hydraulically power up and down.  The arm can manually slide in and out for different coil widths.  On each side of the hold down arm is a heavy-duty non-power rubber covered wheel.  The wheel is designed to free wheel when paying out material, in the forward direction.  The wheel will act as brake, when rewinding the material back onto the coil.  This will keep all outer wraps tight, while the operator is rewinding and banding the coil, for coil removal.





All coils narrower than 48” width and all 18 ga. And 16 ga. coils in thickness are recommended to be run from the #1 uncoiler (coil position closest to the Duct-o-matic).





Drop-In Uncoilers are not recommended for pre-painted or surface sensitive materials. 





For painted materials a limit switch may be substituted for the grounding bar. 









This unit enables each coil to be selectively fed into the entrance table of the Ducto, Slear or Coil Processor. 





This unit is positioned at the exit end of the Grid Feed Drop-in Uncoilers that is closest to the Ducto, Slear or Coil Processor. It is used to separate the individual coils, and by way of powered pinch rolls feed, the material selected, into the feed table of the Ducto, Slear or Coil Processor.





This unit also assists in removal of material from the Ducto, Slear or Coil Processor.










Maximum material width:                     60"



Maximum material gauge:                    16, mild steel



Number of coils accommodated:            4



Drive:                                                   Electric motor and gearbox



Air required:                                         100 psi.





PRO-DUCT, Model PD-6016-SF




The PRO-DUCT is the basic machine needed for a duct shop. It can be used as a stand-alone machine to produce duct blanks for Residential S & D or Commercial TDC Duct or it can be expanded into a complete full Fabriduct Line.





The PRO-DUCT has the capacity to remove coil set, bead, notch for two-piece or wrap duct, cut off, and bend L-section or wrap duct. It has options for adding Tie Rod Holes, Cleat Roller, Male Button Lock and Slitting. The PRO-DUCT comes in two standard models known as the Short Frame or Long Frame. Depending on the options the customer needs determines which length of frame is required.










The PRO-DUCT is a Feed-To-Stop Coil Processor.  All notching, shearing and bending is hydraulically powered.  The notchers designed to be used for both S & D or TDC duct. The brake can be programmed to do the male lock for either Pittsburgh or Snap-Lock flange.  Note when used in a line with equipment down stream of the PRO-DUCT will only be allowed to bend the male lock for Pittsburgh or Snap-Lock flange.









The PC-based control system supplied with this model allows for direct operator input for cut length, number of pieces, notching, shearing, and brake control, and other machine functions.  An industrial quality electric servo drive provides a quiet positive close tolerance system.



The control system supplied with this manufacturing cell utilizes a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) platform for machine control and a Personal Computer (PC) platform for the Man Machine Interface (MMI). The MMI utilizes a touch screen that provides for manual data input and/or down loading, from host computer, of job definitions with storage capability of 500 jobs.



The MMI also provides for machine monitoring, data gathering, inventory, and diagnostic functions. The general control topology consists of the following elements:





  1. Main Operator Control Console: The main operator console is a freestanding console with attached electrical cabinet. It is provided with an air conditioner and a main lug only breaker panel or fused disconnect to which the primary electrical connection will be made. The console and associated electrical cabinet house the MMI, PLC, servo drive and all motor control components required for cell operation.


  2. Remote Operator Control Panels: There are a number of remote operator control panels strategically placed throughout the cell. These control panels house the operator controls   and PLC remote input/output (I/O) devices required within that area of the cell.


  3. PLC: The PLC is an industrial grade control unit, which controls machine operation and precise material movement within the cell, along with providing diagnostic and machine monitoring functions. It utilizes a remote I/O structure and is programmed using an industrial type of ladder logic software.


  4. MMI: The MMI is an industrial grade PC with integral touch screen. It is provided with a Microsoft Windows operating system and is programmed using Visual Basic software.


  5. Servo Drive and Motor: The prime material mover for the PRO-DUCT is a servo package consisting of a brush less DC servomotor and servo amplifier. This servo package is controlled by the PLC with material movement monitored by an encoder. 


Communication: The communication between MMI and PLC is handled via an Ethernet connection and communication to a host computer can be provided for either RS232 or Ethernet communications port.








Maximum Gauge:                                 16 ga, .060" (notching, shearing & bending only mild steel)



Maximum Gauge Stainless:                   18 ga, .048" (notching, shearing & bending only 304, 316)



Minimum Gauge:                                 28 ga., .015"



Maximum Part Width:                          60"



Minimum Part Width:                          36"



Maximum Part Length:                          120.00"



Minimum Part Length:                         10.00" Blank removed by operator



                                                                        13.75" for S&D with Male Leg with Transfer Table



                                                                        15.00" Blanks with Transfer Table



Part Length Tolerance:                          ± 0.020"





Machine Speed:   0-75 FPM


Production Speed:                                 Dependent upon part length and type duct blank



Straightening Rolls:                              Four Roll, each 3.375" diameter.



wo, each adjustable front to back for straightening. Manual adjustment of straightening rolls is via a two-wedge system and is done from the operator side.



Beading:                                               Standard pattern on 12" centers, 6" from each end



                                                            18-gauge maximum



Notching:                                             IPI combination dies for “V” and corner notches suitable for  Slip & Drive, TDC, Snap Lock & Pittsburgh. Note:  The Lead & Trail Die requires two hits for any notch size other than 5/16" Pittsburgh or a specific die size can be ordered if used in a complete Fabriduct Line.  Full Duct lines include ½” Pittsburgh as standard.





Shear Blades:  High carbon, high chrome, four cutting edges





Minimum blank stretch out:  13 3/4" on “L” section



                        25 3/4" on “wrap” section





Minimum leg length, being formed:      2" on “L” section



                                                            6" on “wrap” section





Electrical Option: 208,230V or 460V, 3 phase, 60 Hertz



Standard Power:   10 HP  Hydraulics,

7-1/2 HP Servo Roll Drive





Air Requirement: None










The STANDARD BEAD is a Quarter Round cross-braking perpendicular to the sides of the duct. This a effective way of dealing with commercial tolerances on out-of-flatness, natural sag from dead weight and the flexure reversals that may result when duct pressure is inadequate to stretch the sheet taut. If pressure does not produce a taut sheet, vibration may result. Quarter Round beading is considered equally effective as cross-breaking.





This provision for flexure control does not eliminate rumble during startup and shutdown. Lagging or other measures must be designed in if rumble is to be eliminated.





The Standard Bead pattern is down or out on finished duct. The bead pattern is machined into a pair of pinch rolls with the bottom roll powered and the top roll adjustable up and down by means of a hand wheel. The Bead pattern is not intended to be a half radius, but more of a rounded shallow vee to form a cross-break in the material for stiffening.









Maximum width of part:   60"

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